Legal Services to Compliment the Mediation Process

Who is the Service For?

ILS provides legal services for couples who wish to finalise a Divorce or Separation, without going through the legal process. For more information on this option and the service we provide, see Why Use ILS / What we Provide. Our services are designed to compliment the Mediation process, and are also suitable for couples who have reached their own agreement. Couples in this situation may not want to use lawyers not just because of cost, but also because they may be worried that they might be put under pressure by their respective laywers to change their agreement which they were happy with.



Couples who have been through the Mediation Process would be expected to have both an Open Financial Summary and a signed Memorandum of Understanding. ILS can use these documents to draft a Financial Remedy Consent Order and submit this to the courts.


Reached Own Agreement

A couple may have been able to sit down together and reach an agreement which both parties are happy with. ILS can complete all the required paperwork to apply to the courts for a Financial Remedy Consent Order which will formalise your agreement.

You will need to supply us with all the information we require to complete this paperwork. The judge will only approve your financial order if he/she considers it to be fair and workable - whilst our service is a drafting and checking service only, and accordingly we offer no legal advice, we will inform you if we consider that your agreement would not be approved by the courts.


Couples with Children

ILS can also assist with the drafting of application forms which relate to children, but will not provide any legal advice.


As all documents are sent by email, our services are suitable for couples anywhere in the UK.

What we need from you

In order to complete the required paperwork, we will require certain information from you - please see information we need from you.

Our Services

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